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    Conference & Workshops

    Sir Michael Pitt, Flood Fighters 2008, May 9, London, Click for video
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    Small to Medium size Enterprises, together with first responder and emergency response stakeholder organisations, must all work together to deal with the effects of critical incidents and extreme weather events such as floods.

    This year's main flooding conference – FloodFighters ::2008 – will continue its mission of developing business and organisational resilience to extreme weather events, as well as providing leading edge tactical workshops for first responders and their managers.

    This event will be of interest to all those responsible for their company’s business continuity and risk management strategies. FloodFighters :: 2008 will cover all the technical, managerial and legislative issues surrounding these issues. The conference will be of particular relevance to the following groups:

    • Senior Executives
    • Governmental Crisis Planners
    • Operational Managers
    • Business Continuity Managers
    • Risk Managers
    • Crisis Communication Professionals 
    • First Responders 
    • Emergency response stakeholder organisations
    • Local Resilience Forums
    • Regional Resilience Forums 
    • Government Offices 
    • Utility Companies 
    • Health Authorities
    • Mountain Rescue
    • Motoring organisations, such as the AA and RAC
    • Highways Departments 
    • Power generators 
    • Port Authorities 
    • Environment Agency staff 
    • All Civil Contingency categorised agencies