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    :: Dinner

    The conference Dinner will be held at Cheltenham Racecourse

    Start : 7:30pm
    Dress : Lounge Suit

    ‘Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Swiftwater Rescue’ for the 2008 Awards.’
    Winner: Chief Fire Officers Association, Management of Major Flood Event Research Project (Fire & Rescue Service, Contribution to the Emergency Response Phase).

    Project Leader
    Paul Hayden Chief Fire Officer of Hereford & Worcester F&RS and Chair of the Fire and Rescue Service Inland Water Strategic Group to Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) Operations Committee, UK.
    Core Project Team Members and Project Partners:

    UK Members:
    Paul Amos, Area Manager in Hereford & Worcester F&RS and Secretary of the Fire and Rescue Service Inland Water Strategy Group to CFOA Operations Committee. UK.
    Martin Bills, Water Rescue Team Leader, Fire and Resilience Directorate, UK.
    Martin Blunden, Water Capability Manager, Fire and Resilience Directorate, UK
    David M Lane, Managing Director of Lane Jefferies & Associates Ltd, UK.
    Paul O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Rescue 3 (UK).

    US Members:
    Jeff Cardwell, Emergency Manager, North Carolina Division of Emergency Management
    Jeff Dulin, Deputy Chief of Charlotte Fire Department.
    Tim Rogers, Battalion Chief, Charlotte Fire Department.

    This particular award represents ground breaking Program Development never before seen among the International Community. With support from the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management and the Charlotte, North Carolina Fire Department, Paul Hayden with additional support of the above named individuals from the U.K. researched Team Typing, Boat Team Response, Logistics Response and Air Asset Deployment with the cooperation of the North Carolina Air National Guard. The lessons learned proved invaluable during 2007 area wide flooding in the United Kingdom and demonstrated the importance of state of the art swiftwater and floodwater preparedness. The contribution of this particular project is recognized as a significant contribution to swiftwater and flood rescue, a contribution that will benefit rescue personnel worldwide.

    The Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards committee recognizes this particular project benefits many countries outside the United Kingdom and the United States. We look forward to the results of the project being documented and circulated within the swiftwater and flood rescue communities and support the continuing efforts of the U.K. in developing a flood rescue program worthy of consideration as a world wide model.

    Again, it is with the greatest pleasure that we extend the 2008 Program Development Award to the above named individuals and congratulate the recipients for their outstanding contribution to the world of swiftwater and flood rescue.