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    :: Tactical Practioners & Managers Workshop

    November 5, 2008

    09:00 :: Registration & coffee
    09:30 :: Operating hydraulic tools in the swiftwater & flood environment:
    This workshop will look at the issues and techniques involved with using hydraulic cutting and spreading tools in swiftwater.  Issues such as how we can we create safe working areas will be considered
    10:30 :: Coffee & Networking
    10:45 :: Weirs – hazards, risk assessment and rescue techniques:
    Weirs present particular hazards and this workshop in addition to looking at the range of rescue techniques available will introduce a risk assessment system for weir jointly developed by Rescue 3 (UK) and the Environment Agency
    11:45 :: Risk assessment and management of powered craft in the swiftwater& flood environment: Operating powered craft in swiftwater and floods presents particular management issues for the operator and manager.  This session will consider these and introduce a risk assessment methodology for powerboat operations developed by the US Coastguarde
    12:30   Networking Lunch
    13:30 :: Quick release chest harnesses - standards and operational functionality:
    The quick release chest harness is a vital component on a swiftwater and flood rescue technicians personal flotation device.  Currently different manufactures provide differing advice on their operational use and this can be confusing to users.  The new Personal Flotation Devices standard BS/EN ISO 12402 includes specifications for the chest harness. Will this remove any potential confusion for users?  This session will cover the outcomes of a research project undertaken by Rescue 3 (UK) and The University of Central Lancashire looking at the loads created on these harnesses and their behaviour in ‘real world’ condition.
    14:30 :: Rescues from vehicles in water:
    Statistics show that Rescues from vehicles are one of the commonest technical rescues during floods. This workshop will look at the theory and techniques and management considerations involved with these rescues
    15:30   Coffee & Networking
    15:45 :: Rescue versus Recovery – the scientific rationale and thought processes behind the decision making process