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    :: FLOODFIGHTERS :: Spring Meeting 09
    Supported by
    The Chief Fire Officers Association

    Sir Michael Pitt, Flood Fighters 2008, May 9, London, Click for video
    Click here>>

    Floodfighters Spring Meeting :: 09 will assist in communicating the latest position on flooding to all the UK stakeholder target audiences. The key aim of this event is to share understanding, information and learning; identify emerging strategies and opportunities for mutual aid working.

    The purpose of a National Flood Emergency Framework was set out by Sir Michael Pitt in his December 2007 Interim Report on the UK Summer Floods of that year. Sir Michael states that such a document is needed in order for the Government to effectively fulfill its lead department role in flood risk management and emergency response.

    In December 2008, The Secretary of State for DEFRA, Hilary Benn, announced the Government’s response to The Pitt Review, covering in detail its response to all 92 recommendations, including recommendation 39 in relation to flood rescue capability.

    Work is now underway to improve the UK’s readiness for major flood events through a number of fast evolving projects. The Floodfighters Spring Meeting :: 09 will bring together key contributors to discuss current plans with a wide group of stakeholders, including: All members of CFOA's IWSG, IWTG and Forum; UK SAR members, to include RNLI, MCA, MoD's RN and RAF; Rescue organisations; local authorities; and Category 1 and 2 responders, who all have a part to play in this vital national capability.

    In addition, speakers from the UK, EU and US will present feedback and enable input into the final project outcomes, in order to ensure that the UK delivers a world class flood rescue capability.

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