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    London First

    Crisis Response Journal


  • :: Conference Profile

    FloodFighters :: City Resilient will cover a number of crucial themes, the first being an examination of the interim Pitt Review. Then experts from the insurance, critical national infrastructure protection, and banking sectors will explore changing climate, future risks and the business continuity impact of major flooding. An international expert will be on hand to outline the New South Wales experience of flooding.

    The view from the front line is next on the agenda, with Chief Fire Officer Paul Hayden describing what response businesses and planners can expect from the emergency services in the future. Mass evacuation and the implications for business continuity will also be examined, and Emily Walker, a former 9/11 Commission member, will look at evacuation, relocation and the return to normality from a private sector perspective.

    London First will chair the final session entitled 'A city prepared: Key actions and outcomes'. This will comprise four short discussions focusing on key topics arising from the day's proceedings. The Champagne Q&A discussion will identify key outcomes to be circulated after the event.

    Click on 'Agenda' for timings and programme